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My very first WordPress Blog.

Confession: I’m thoroughly scared and nervous. I used to think I was pretty technologically savvy, but this is throwing me through a loop. Right now I’m still in that phase where I think everything I’m doing here is wrong. Oh well, I’ll get it…eventually.

I’ve chosen to try to follow the daily prompts, because even though I know I’m a writer, I have no idea yet what I want to “blog” about. Frankly, I don’t even want to be a blogger; I want to be a novelist. I want this to be a stepping stone for me; the launch to get my creative juices flowing and stir up some inspiration for my novel. I’ve named my blog, Say Anything, for reasons two-fold: 1) It is my favorite 80’s romantic comedy movie, and 2) The title perfectly fits my blog’s theme; I’ll say anything that I want on any topic. Honestly, that is pretty much my personality…no filter between my racing thoughts and my words.

So, here we go….

My life as a movie would definitely be a romance/comedy/drama.

If you knew my brothers and sisters (I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters) they would tell you I like to be the heroine of the movie. This is true, I have no shame in saying that many times I’m watching a movie and like many people will compare myself to the actors/actresses on-screen. If you have brothers, sisters, friends, whatever…I’d be willing to bet you’ve played the “Who is Who” game. If not, simply put it’s where everyone decides who they would be out of all the characters; who they are most like…and similarly someone else can decide who they think you are like. (I.e. my brother, let’s call him Hartnett, would be most like Joey off of the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S because of his love for food, women, and himself.) Get it? Okay, long way around a short point…but basically I will always point out the strongest female lead, or the one I feel I connect with the most and say, “Yep, that’s totally me.” Then of course, everyone laughs and rolls their eyes.

So, for the heroine of my movie, I would cast myself as….


Rachel Weisz. She always plays strong characters. What I love most about her is that she is subtly beautiful, not flashy and in-your-face kind of beauty. Usually, I’m modest, but for this project I get to have a little bit of ego. So the kind of beautiful Rachel is, I feel like that’s the kind of beauty I have. Not a , “Damn, did you see her?” hot, but a true and natural beauty that I am very proud of. Rachel can be plain but she can also be stunning. That’s me. =)

My partner/lover/best friend would be…


Yeah…Matt Damon. He is handsome, has some stunning eyes, totally kick ass, and a big sense of humor. Perfect fit for my man, who will be henceforth nicknamed, “Matt” for any future references to him in posts in my blog. Plus, Matt Damon is one of Matt’s (remember that’s a nickname for my guy) favorite actors.

My Dad is the easiest choice…


Gregory Peck. Since the first time I watched “To Kill A Mockingbird”, I’ve declared that my dad is like Atticus Finch. In his demeanor and in his daily life. My father, just like the character Atticus is a criminal defense attorney; and a very well-respected one at that. He also is from a small little country town, and a small little country family. He became very educated and sophisticated, and has built a reputation 30 years strong.

My mom would be….


Meryl Streep. I love this actress. She is by far one of my favorites. She is classy, blonde, funny, and beautiful. My mother.

My older brother would be…


Josh Hartnett. As much as I hate to think he looks like my brother, there are countless friends of mine who have disagreed. My older brother is the tallest, strongest guy I know, and is very well aware of the fawning female gawkers.

My older sister would be…


Ms. Kate Winslet. Of course I think Kate is gorgeous, and like any other actress she has had every conceivable hair color…so has my older sister. Hair chameleons. =)

My younger two sisters and younger brother would be…




Drew Barrymore and Abigail Breslin for my two younger sisters. Drew is exactly like the sister born right after me. Low maintenance, sharp facial features, usually blonde.

Josh Hutcherson would be my younger brother. Dark brown hair, usually styled. My little brother doesn’t have that strong of a jaw yet though. Sprinkle some freckles on him with blue eyes and they are a little more alike.

Abigail Breslin for the baby of the family; my youngest sister. Kick-ass, extremely low maintenance, beautiful yet tomboy-ish. Perfect fit.

Last but not least….


My shepherd/terrier puppy Chesty. Has to be the most stubborn dog I have ever owned. He has those chocolate eyes that will melt you. Still working on potty training him. Talk about headache.

These are the stars in my life. They mean everything to me, and I couldn’t live without one of them. This completes my first ever blog (even though it took me technically two days). Thus, my blog cherry has been popped. Ready for round two….