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Daily Prompt: Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

Small digression from topic:

Whilst trying to decide how best to answer this question…Damon (my best friend/lover) sent me the sweetest message. There is nothing that will start my day off right like 1) a hot cup of tea (yum), and 2) a sweet surprise text from my man. The best way to start off a day is with a smile. Now for the rest of today, my goal will be to let no one or nothing erase it.

*Ahem*…back to the daily prompt…

I don’t think I have too much say in the matter, considering this is only my third blog ever. However, I have been writing for a long time (never professional, purely scholastic and personal) and I know that I write best with a topic and with a time limit. That being said I love the daily prompt. It gives me the freedom to write every day without the stress of trying to decide what my blog will be about. This helps, at least until the inspiration hits me for what I really want to be writing about. Unfortunately, I know that I love to write and that I’m meant to write, but I haven’t the faintest idea of what I am supposed to write about.

This has frustrated me for years. My younger brother, Hutch, is a writer as well. He is the one who told me to “get a blog” so that I could start writing. I had been happy to sit on my laurels and wait for inspiration to hit me. But with hesitant fingers, I made my blog, and am at this moment so glad I did. The first likes and comments on my writing is an adrenaline rush. Someone else liked my writing! They thought it was good too! That gives me all kinds of warm and fuzzies. Still, in the making of my blog, I had no idea what my “theme” would be, and that is when I stumbled upon Daily Prompts. It’s a blessing for me right now, not to mention fun. I’ll keep doing them until one day I know what I want to write about instead.

It was interesting to me yesterday with the Daily Prompt where you were supposed to take the third line of the song you had last listened to and write about it for 15 minutes. That made my topic, “And The Only Line I Could Think To Say Was…”. When I first saw that was my topic I thought my 15 minute long blog would be about something romantic, a first love or crush. I surprised myself when it turned dark, and my main character ended up killing someone. I think the prompts have, so far, given me a way to astonish myself, and that is something I can deal with. =)