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Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends

 I suppose I’ll start with the most recent, yet mildly exciting thing that I have looked forward to. Matt and I have come across possibly one of the most delicious mouth treats ever made. At our local coffee cafe, they have seasonal drinks, as most cafe’s do. Over the weekend, we treated ourselves (and treat ourselves it is-that crap is expensive!) to a specialty coffee and fell in love. I’m not exaggerating. They are highly addictive. They look a little like this…  
pumkin spice
But they taste like…
You might think that is lame, but that was a highlight of my weekend. Another aside highlight was going out to Matt’s and my favorite Italian restaurant, eating a fricking awesome meal, and going home with a bottle of red wine to curl up and watch Identity Thief and the new Die Hard.
Anyways, the Pumpkin Spice Latte plays a somewhat introductory part into what I am excited about for the future. ( I know future excitement isn’t part of the prompt…go with it.)
Now even though my little small hometown looks NOTHING like that picture…EVER…Fall is just around the corner. That means football, extra blankets, sweaters, holiday themed candles, seasonal drinks and food, pumpkins, HALLOWEEN, MY BIRTHDAY, and of course Thanksgiving. It also means, for someone who lives on the beach like I do, not sweating your butt off as soon as you step outside. If I ever get giddy about a season, it’s without a doubt Fall.
Now to be a good girl and actually answer the prompt…
The last thing I got excited about, besides the delicious latte, would have been Matt’s and my trip to Savannah, GA. We took a week off of work and spent it exploring, antiquing, eating, making love, walking (worst part), and sleeping in Savannah. We spent a couple months planning and saving for the trip, which was well worth it. The last couple of days just seemed to creep on, as they tend to do when you’re looking forward to something, and by the last night we were wired. We went ahead a couple of weeks early and reserved a room in South Carolina, outside city limits, for a great price-$45/night. Can’t get much better than that. I did all my research on the hotel beforehand…we did NOT want to spend all week in a “roach-coach”. We were pleasantly surprised. The Red Roof Inn in Hardeeville was not an “A+”, but at least “B” worthy. No roaches, no mold, no funky smells inside-just old and run down on the outside.
The trip past by in a blur and I was sad to go. I have to say, besides our walking everywhere we went the heat was one of the most unbearable things about going. I was there a week and only saw ONE other person fanning themselves with one of those cheap cloth fans you can buy. I honestly couldn’t have given a witches heat if I looked like the thorough tourist I was. I came to terms with not caring about how out of place I looked when I spent the first day mopping the sweat off my face.  It was self preservation-I had to save what makeup I could. Alas, at the end of every day most of my makeup was gone anyways, despite my incessant fanning.
Best of Savannah, GA (not in any specific order):
1. Churchill’s Pub
2. River Street
3. St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral
4. Antiquing-Make sure you bring lots of dinero.
5. The Spanish Moss on the trees.
6. Ghost Walks
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