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Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive


The definition of a glutton is: 1. A person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously, or 2. A  person with remarkably great desire or capacity for something. Going off of that definition, I guess I’m a glutton for all of my senses then.

I have a great desire to see. If I couldn’t see the faces of the ones I love everyday (granted, it’d be nice to not have to see the faces of the people I don’t like) it would be a tragedy. It’s true their faces make up the entirety of my heart, therefore I can never forget them. To live without seeing their smile, wrinkled nose, freckles, or crooked teeth after being privilege to and taking for granted my ability to see them, I don’t think I could ever be okay with that-no matter how well I could hear. It goes beyond my loved ones, of course. I desire to see the land beyond the expanse of sea that borders my home, my country. I want to see it all, and drink it all in. I want to see the green of Ireland, and the bright colors of Greece. I would say I’d give up sight so I could become a midnight vigilante, like Daredevil, but that would be a lie.  If I didn’t have sight, I wouldn’t be able to devour books as quickly as I do now, watch football, gaze upon a lightning storm, see my first-born, etc. There couldn’t be a sense you could heighten that would tempt me enough to sacrifice my eyes.

I’ve tried to imagine before what it would be like to be deaf. In all my wondering, I just can’t conceive it. Like sight, this is a sense that I would be totally ruined if I were to lose it. What would it be like to never hear the words “I love you” again, or be able to listen to music, or crickets chirping in the summer time, or my niece’s and nephew’s laughter, or Matt’s voice? The other senses are hard to just voluntarily give up. Not feeling the touch of your lovers skin or the softness of freshly laundered sheets, smelling the air outside right before it rains, tasting Christmas dinner. C’mon…just thinking about it makes me sad.

I suppose if I had to choose, I would choose to give up smell. It’s not that I don’t value that sense, quite the contrary. I like knowing if I smell good or bad; I’m quite vain, and that’s important. I like to know what dinner smells like, and having the ability to inhale as much perfume from flowers as possible. Yes, there are the smells I can live without, especially since I live with a man (wink to the ladies or gentlemen who know what I’m talking about). But, to end my rambling and answer the damn question, I would be saying au revoir to my good ol’ olfactory nerves.

I was about to type the words, “well at least I would still be able to taste”, but a thought occurred to me…what if that affected my tasting abilities? I had to Google it before I posted this, because what if in giving up one sense, I gave up two for the price of one? We all know that sometimes things smell so good you can taste them, which is the thought that begged this question for me in the first place. Low and behold I find out that most of taste is derived from smell. Son-of-a-bitch. So even if I don’t lose all of my tasting abilities, the likelihood of food tasting bland is very high. So again, steering away from my digression, in my choosing to give up my rights to sniff things, I demand that my taste buds get amped up. That way, I don’t miss the sweeter things in life.


Real quick, for a future post I would like all of you wonderful, amazing, talented, beautiful (too much?) readers to answer the poll below. It is a little experiment of mine and a reference for a future blog. Thanks guys!

You are chosen off the street by a scientist needing volunteers for an education experiment. The experiment would take an hour and it would pay. The experiment would be testing the effectiveness of negative reinforcement versus positive reinforcement. There would be a teacher and a student. You are the teacher, and your job is to ask the students questions. If they answer correctly, there is no reward, but if they answer incorrectly you are to give electric shocks. The electric shock voltage increases as the number of incorrect answers increase. The voltage maxes out at 450 volts, which is painful and deadly. Please note that there is a doctor/scientist present at all times.