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Catching A Scent of Salt...

Trick or Treat,

Smell my feet

Give me something good to eat

If you don’t

I don’t care

I’ll pull down your underwear.


I have that feeling. I would give an attempt at describing it, but I am not altogether sure that there is an exact word for what I am feeling. Nostalgia, perhaps? When the leaves begin to change into multi-shades of color and begin to cover the ground like snow- well like snow somewhere it actually sticks to the ground. The decorations come out of a years’ worth of storage all painted in cobwebs, ready to be put to use. Pumpkins on every porch step, lit with the “black flame candle” that resurrects the costumes and candy from the previous year. I can feel the clock ticking closer and closer to not only my birthday, but Achilles’, Winifred’s, and Sarah’s. And then there is Thanksgiving! For those…

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