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empty wallet

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times

I am getting a raise! Finally after almost two years I’ll be making more than six dollars an hour. I can’t believe it. The look on my boss, Ruby’s, face is priceless. That itself is almost as sweet as a raise. When Atticus told me how much, I almost spit out my perfectly made coffee. Matt and I have really needed this. The fact that we have to move out of our apartment in two months, and the money has been somewhat slow has been so stressful. Not to mention bills, bills, bills. Medical bills (herniated disks remember?), car insurance bills, phone bills, gas bills, electric bills…jeez! Should I even mention rent? They never end.

Matt and I, both, have been praying for a raise. With just a little extra money coming in things would be a little more comfortable and not so, “I really want/need that, but I don’t have the money for it. Maybe next paycheck”. Now maybe, maybe, we won’t live so hand to mouth.

Goodness, I’m so excited! But how to surprise Matt, and how to celebrate? Surprise him by laying naked in a bed of cash? No…to cliche. Buy him that 50″ Flat Screen TV he’s been dying for? No…to expensive and it’d waste all my celebratory money. Tell him I’m pregnant, then say, “Na…just getting but I did get a raise!”. Nope, that’s mean. I guess I’ll just settle with calling him and screaming, I GOT A RAISE!!!!

So that’s settled. But how to celebrate? Honestly…I’ve never been a big drinker slash party-er. So clubbing or going to a bar is out. It just hit me. Matt and I will do what we’ve been wanting to do for a while. Go on a vacation. Even just a long weekend vaca. Believe me, it’s much needed. We will go to our favorite place: Charleston, SC. We will stay in a nice-ish hotel, eat whatever we want (currently we are trying meal replacement shakes…*shudder*), lay in bed, and go shopping. That is MY idea of relaxing and celebrating.



UNFORTUNATELY, this is just a dream. A raise would be nice, but I do not foresee it in the near future. A couple of things I will be celebrating in the near future are: Josh’s (my older brother) birthday, Hutch’s (my younger brother) birthday, Abigail’s (my younger sister) birthday, the Marine Corps birthday, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and of course my birthday. Not too shabby, if you ask me. Although, notice how a raise at this time of year would help out a lot with the state my bank account will soon be in.