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Halloween is approaching and a lot of people’s posts are about them. I recently read one that gave me a little inspiration to write a little something-something. Now, I enjoy everyone’s point of view and opinion…I really honestly do. It’s true, though, when people say the crazy people come out on Halloween. Instead of the raving lunatics people imagine, I imagine religious fanatics with snarling faces ready to lecture on the evilness of Halloween any time they get a “trick-or-treat!”. 

I say “religious fanatics”, because it isn’t just one religious group, but many. I don’t believe those pious “debbie-downers” represent their whole religions. As a matter of fact, I know they don’t. I’m a Catholic. Loud and proud people. I know there are some Catholics who love to preach so much they would leave a Pentecostal preacher winded. I just don’t feel like your love for God and his teachings are real if you have to scream them at people, and chastise them if they don’t live they way you do. I am very devout to my God, my religion, and it’s teachings…however, I also like to speak with people in other religions and talk to them…find out my misconceptions about their religion and maybe change a few of their misconceptions as well. I can’t tell you how frustrated I get when a Protestant will sneer at me and tell me that I’m not going to Heaven because I’m not “saved” or ask me why I worship Mary and the saints, etc. etc. If you are Protestant or Catholic, i’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Religion to me isn’t about spreading and nurturing hate and rifts, it’s about living a peaceful and good life devoted to God and each other. I hate when people use religion and God to serve their purpose.

Which brings me around to the reason for me writing this post…people using Halloween as a pedestal for their religion so they can speak out against celebrating evilness, blah, blah, freaking blah. Maybe once upon a time Halloween or Samhain had a more dark and magical taint, but in today’s day Halloween is a day for kids to freaking have fun. I mean if you have a valid reason to hate October 31st, like someone you love died on that day, or you always have bad hair days, or your always sick…fine hate Halloween. However, if you are turning your lights off to the gap-toothed smiles that pass by your house because you are trying to make a religious statement…you irritate me. The majority of people who celebrate Halloween are celebrating a day and night of frivolity and fun, not worshiping the devil or clasped hand in hand in black robes chanting black magic. Religious fanatics use the awesomely gruesome and scary costumes as fuel to their fire, but aptly leave out the rest of the common costumes: fairy’s, indians, cowboys, animals, military, political figures, celebrity figures, super hero’s, princesses, you name it. Through my lengthy amount of years as an avid “trick-or-treater”, I saw way more than just ghosts, zombies, and gruesome creatures. Even if someone wanted to dress up as a witch, vampire, zombie, Scream…whatever…who cares? It’s called make-believe; imagination; creativity. Kids are raised in a society where these creatures are as well known as just about any other fictional character you can think of. If you don’t want them to dress like them on Halloween, then stop making money off of the books, cartoons, movies, TV shows, fan accessories and gear, etc. Good luck wiping out the culture of scary movies. Seems vampires are sticking around as long as any other fad in history. Everywhere I look there are more and more vampire shows.

I can guarantee you if you poll America and ask them why do you celebrate Halloween: 1) enjoy staying up late on a work/school night while dressed up as something you could never be (usually) and get candy, 2) it’s an excuse to dress up and go to a party, 3) celebrate evil and the devil….numbers 1 and 2 would win 9 times out of 10 over number 3. Stop raining on people of all age’s parade. I don’t think you are ever too old to dress up on Halloween. I think when YOU think you are too old for fun, you just need to give up…go ahead and buy a hearing aid, a recliner, and no trespassing signs because you have made yourself old in the heart and soul. Let people have fun. Let the kids continue to run around mixing their laughter  with the fallen leaves that dance in the wind across the lit streets. Stop using your religion and issues to protest an innocent day of fun for most people. You look mean, ridiculous, and in the end you never change a thing. Halloween will always be just another year away, bringing everything with it: jack-o-lanterns, horror film marathons, and chocolate decorated faces. You can sit there alone in your house, with angst and piousness to keep you warm…but save your breath to cool your porridge, because literally no one cares.