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Only six days until Halloween! Say what?? October has read from its mascot’s (the witch) book and really flown by. That’s alright with me, though. November is possibly my favorite month of the whole year. Of course, tying in first place would be December. Let’s just take a look at what’s coming up in my November:

I. My little brother’s 17th birthday. (Catch him at Catchingascentofsalt)

II. Marine Corps Birthday. God looked kindly upon his children November 10, 1775 when the United States Marine Corps was born. After that day the standard men were held to, would be forever changed. If you don’t know and love a Marine you’re life is missing something special.


III. Veteran’s Day. If you can’t ALREADY tell, this day is very important to me. This day, which honors ALL branches, and the men and women who have served, and the one’s still serving. Bonus…really good war movies come on.

IV. Of course, MY birthday…and this year I turn 21! Watch out.

V. My little sister’s birthday. She turns 15 this year. The last of six, and she is inching closer to her sweet 16. I’m not ready for her to grow up. Apparently, according to my Atticus and his girlfriend, she wanted to buy a black leather, skin-tight costume for Halloween this year. I choked.

VI. Can’t forget Thanksgiving. This year I will be missing Josh’s first Thanksgiving that he will be cooking all himself, but I will be spending it with Matt’s family, and my new extended family. After the butchery of our last Thanksgiving meal (not Josh’s fault, but Atticus’s girlfriend. Let’s just say we each had a Cornish hen and there was carrot dip….) I am looking forward to some traditional pilgrim style (cough) food.

What am I not looking forward to in this upcoming month so full of holiday’s and celebrations?

NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. Why on earth was this made into a thing? After Matt has grown his beard out for a week, I’m ready for it to go. Not only does clean-shaven just look better hand’s down, but damn if those beards aren’t the most uncomfortable thing ever. I don’t like coming away from a passionate kiss and my chin burns in pain, or cuddling up to my man at night and itching because his beard is poking me in the shoulder. I think women everywhere, who don’t like No Shave November, should protest!!

Let’s get together women. If they insist on not shaving, we won’t either. I know…the thought of no shaving for a month makes me cringe already but I will fight back. If I am going to get pricked incessantly, so will he. I don’t think that is too mean spirited…it’s not like your keeping an aspirin between your legs all month. If you are tired of your men looking like Duck Dynasty wanna-be idiots, go ahead and let him know now that if he wants you to continue your laborious hair removal routine, he better not grow that forest on his face. Some men won’t care, and some will call your bluff. So if you are going to threaten, be prepared to follow through with it.





Yeah…agreed…not okay.


hairy legsOR…

shaved legsIf you really want to go hardcore against this monstrosity…let him know your legs aren’t the only thing you shave for him.

Good luck ladies!