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Daily Prompt: Google and Rescue Operation

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? 


The last thing I “Googled” for was puppies around the area I live. I lost my youngest puppy, Chevelle. He was being watched by my sister, Kate, for a while. I got a call late Monday night and the first thing I could make out of her hysterical sobbing was, “I am so sorry.” That’s one of the worst phone calls you could ever get. I had no idea what she was talking about, but the last thing on my mind were my dogs.

Then she started talking about how she had been driving into her yard, at night, and he had run underneath the car. Chevelle was a black lab/boxer. Seeing him at night is close to impossible. She told me it had been quick, and I still can’t think about it without getting nauseous. We weren’t even able to be there for his little burial. I don’t blame her, of course. I know it was a tragic accident, and she has been beating herself up every day since, as I would be if I were in her position. Matt and I are heartbroken; Chevelle was our little baby. In the same instant my breath was taken away in heartbreak, I also sighed a breath of relief for my older dog, Chesty. I rescued him from a shelter as a puppy, and have watched him grow into a beautiful dog.

So, we are looking for someone to fill the missing whole in our small little family. That’s why I was “googling” puppies, and I am hopeful that we find a new member for our family soon.