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Daily Prompt: Fright Night

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

Well, I am deathly afraid of sharks. It’s not like I can say I’m most scared to swim with This is my worst nightmare. F***k that!the sharks because I live at the beach; I swim with the sharks [or in close quarters with them] every summer. Would I jump into a tank of sharks if I got the option? Not even if you paid me.

Well…maybe if you paid me. I’m poor.

I’m afraid of pain. I’m scared to get my tongue pierced. Just imagining it sends creepy crawlers up my skin, and I find myself shaking the thoughts away, and dismissing them 
tongue piercingas preposterous and unfathomable.

I’m weird about pain. I can sit through four excruciating tattoos, get my belly button and nose pierced, but can’t think about my tongue. I might take into consideration getting my tongue pierced, if Matt wanted me too. I highly doubt he could convince me to do it.

As a kid I had a fear of heights. I don’t think that’s very unreasonable. I remember [from a sketchy memory] getting on a roller coaster [don’t ask me where] and making the whole ride stop because of my screams of terror and pleas for mercy. The worker of the ride was dressed as an elf, although he was not very jolly. Perhaps it was around Christmastime? Anyways, My fear of roller coasters extended farther and I was in Disney World with roller coaster2my family. They had bought tickets for Space Mountain, and we were almost to the front of the line. Typical me; I chickened out. My grandmother went in my place.

Humiliation station.

 I would get on a roller coaster now to conquer those fears. My only qualm is how many accidents happen on rides. I really want to keep my head and body parts intact. If I were to go to an amusement park or carnival, however, I would get on the rides anyways just to have some terrifying fun and keep smart-mouths from taunting me.

But what’s the thing I’m most scared to do?

I would definitely say that bungee-jumping or skydiving is, if not the very first, on the top of my not-to-do-lists. What reasonable, forward-thinking person would voluntarily jump out of a plane [not included are those in the airborne services] unless it was on fire and they are about to crash and die? Similarly, why would you strap yourself to a freaking rubber-band and jump off a bridge or cliff? Are people really that bored that they come up with these ideas? It sounds like a joke of an idea that someone took seriously.

Idiot 1: Dude, I’m so bored. What should we do?

Idiot 2: Man I know. None of my favorite TV shows are on, and my phone is dead. Sad face.

Idiot 1: Let’s think of something fun to do!

Idiot 2: Alright. Cool. Let’s dress up in camo and hide behind bushes and throw fireworks at people.

Idiot 1: Dude, you’re retarded. Someone could get hurt.

Idiot 2: Well then you think of something!

Idiot 1: I mean that would be like, “Hey, why don’t you go jump off a bridge but it’s okay because I’ll have elastic rubber bands so you bounce before you hit the bottom.” Ha. Stupid.

Idiot 2: Wait….Oh my God…that is GENIUS!!

Idiot 1: ……..*Blink, blink*………

Idiot 2: Dude, I’m gonna go call Mom and tell her to pick up a shit ton of rubber bands. You go get some pads, and we’ll get started.

Idiot 1: Uh…

Idiot 2: No, seriously….we are going to be famous! Who wouldn’t want to do this???

Idiot 1: Me????

So, you get my point. Stupid. My point is reinforced when bungee-jumping lines actually break, or parachutes don’t open. I value life WAY too much to risk it like that. I mean there now is a fine line between suicide and “exhilarating fun’.

bungee jumping

Literally. Look at that.

Could anyone convince me to do that? 

Maybe, if I was really intoxicated [which intoxicated person + any kind of sports = not a freaking good idea] or had nothing to lose. That’ll never happen though, so I’ll keep my distance and keep my cheap thrills to “thrifting”, conquering my fear of roller coasters, and driving 10 over the speed limit on the highway.