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My goals for 2014:

1. Continue to heal, and grow in love with Matt.

2. Have a great relationship with the new Office Manager and Atticus.

3. If I say lose weight is that cliche?

4. Hutch says to stop smoking….we’ll see….

5. Come up with a better signature. You’d be surprised how much this irks me.

6. Find more rock bands to be in love with. In the same token-go to more concerts.

7. Have a better with a relationship with all of my siblings.

8. Get closer with Meryl. Possibly even go see her and my grandparents.

9. Continue to kick ass at my job.

10. Break the daily routine more often and do the things Matt and I want to do, but haven’t had the money to do.

I have an 80% chance of completing these. 2014 has some big shoes to fill. First of all how is ’14 going to top, “It’s the End of the World!!” It can’t…fact. Unless it actually ends up being the end of the world; fingers crossed it’s not.

I hope every one has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for what you have, not stuck dwelling on what you want. I say that, but everyone will be like, “Oh I’m so thankful for this and that….” but then will run out and push people out of the way for Black Friday Sales. I’ve never been to Black Friday; I hate stingy, selfish, and hypocritical people too much. Apparently, it is a tradition for the women in Matt’s family.


I love his family to pieces, but I’m really not looking forward to all the other hoards of people. I’ll be giving the stank face to 99 percent of the population and I don’t even care. That should probably be a goal for 2014: not giving people the stank face.

No need to start that just yet; it can wait ’til next year.