I only have a couple minutes to indulge in blogging today so I just thought I would leave some random thoughts/vents/wonderings that flit about in my mind all day for ya’ll to enjoy.

1.  Why is it that when you’re driving, and there is literally no one behind you for miles, the one car that needs to turn on the road pulls out right in front of you. You really couldn’t wait that extra second for me to pass? People are a special kind of stupid.

2. Coke really is better than Pepsi.

3. Temper tantrums are really unattractive, and not excusable, when you are older the age of like 7.

4. That one woman who works at the local deli in Walmart must really hate her life. I’ve never seen someone so monotone or unsmiling in all of my life.

5. I’ve learned from personal experience that the media, including the news, is so biased and only reports what they think is catchy. I will never again trust that I am reading the whole story.

6. Vanilla Bean Noel is the best fragrance from Bath and Body Works.

7. Why do people go to court looking like the midnight Walmart visitors?

8. Speaking of midnight Walmart visitors…why do people go out in curlers and pajamas? I really don’t think there is anything at Walmart you need that badly to be walking around looking foolish.

9. Do guys really find the duck face attractive? Do girls really think they look attractive like that?

10. Why do people by Ipods over Droids? They suck!